Cluster Groups

Within the different areas of the Borough, Merton schools come together to work in partnership in a range of different groups.

Mitcham Town Community Trust

Mitcham Town Community Trust consists of ten schools and two community groups from Mitcham Town:

Mitcham Town Community Trust’s objectives are focused around:

  • Continuous professional development
  • Curriculum innovation
  • Raising already high standards of teaching and learning.

This is achieved through working with 10 schools, St Mark’s Family Centre and the Jeremiah Project.

East Mitcham Cluster

East Mitcham Cluster consists of eight primary schools that are committed to making sure that local children get an education that is second to none. 

Mitcham Cluster is keen to support the physical and emotional well-being of its existing staff, and to develop their skills.

  • All schools offer their own CPD opportunities for staff and share recommendations so all staff can benefit from the best opportunities available.
  • They are starting to offer opportunities for work-shadowing and teacher swaps across different schools, so teachers can learn  from each other’s strengths. 
  • Some of the Cluster’s schools also sponsor staff to undertake Masters programmes in education. 
  • A dedicated programme has been developed to supporting staff’s health and well-being.